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Episode Schedule
Season One

Orange on orange

All Sessions Take Place at 7pm pacific find your local time here

April 11, 2024: The Gain is in the Grapple

Repeated difficulties are often exactly on purpose, an opportunity to learn our true nature.

April 18, 2024: The Psychology of Personal Change

Why do some people make positive changes in their lives while others remain stuck.


April 25, 2024: The Stories I Tell Myself

How to Re-Story My Life.


May 2, 2024: How to Know What You Want (When You Don’t Know What You Want)

Strategies for uncovering your true desires.


May 9, 2024: Tripping on the Staircase

Life Lessons are destructive only if you think they shouldn’t be there.


May 16, 2024: Stuck at the Crossroads?

Some crossroads are once-in-a-lifetime, others repeat. These require a new set of solutions. 


May 23, 2024: To the Viktors Go the Spoils

The wisdom of psychotherapist and Auschwitz survivor, Viktor Frankl.


May 30, 2024: The Three Axioms of Soul Psychology

Soul Psychology is all about the search for meaning. Your personal map is in your fingerprints.


June 6, 2024: A New Look at Early Education Learning Difficulties

Modern research into dermatoglyphics (fingerprints) and autism, down syndrome, etc.


June 13, 2024: The Hands of the Very Young and the Very Old

What they can teach us about how best to live our lives.

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